This was the series I created for my senior thesis before graduating UARTS in Philadelphia, with my BFA in Illustration (2013). I was fascinated with Sacred Geometry found in nature, philosophy, science and mathematics. I wanted to explore their use in symbolism for religions and the occult, while showing the absolute cosmic connection we have with all forms of energy and life from the expanse of the macrocosm all the way down to the microcosm of our world.


A lot of time and energy was spent researching for these pieces to come together. I strongly suggest following some of the links I have provided in these paragraphs to learn more about the subject matter. 

The Golden Triangle in mathematics contains the golden ratio; a sequence found in the construction of everything we know. It is the basis of geometry and our understanding of simple shapes. These shapes and patterns are used to represent human belief systems and can be found used in every religion or sect of human thought if you look. They are found in energy that gives us life and leaves us in death. They represent power and strength and the cycles of the universe as a whole.

The Flower of Life is another sequence or pattern that can be traced back to ancient civilizations and religions. Egyptian God Thoth, of Science and Mathematics, Writing, Magic and more, is depicted here holding an Ankh (symbol of life), under the symbols of the all seeing eye, and the eyes of Ra and Horus.

A depiction of Shiva and Parvati, as one (Ardhanarishvara) represent the male and female balance of energy in the cosmos. They sit under the Sri Yantra, a symbol of this balance and an instrument used to harness it.

The Torus is an energy field that creates a very unique shape (donut). It is one of many sacred geometric forms, and it is found in life and energy from humans to planets and beyond. learn more.