Originally, these pieces were created separately from each other. The "Power of Energies" series was unified for a group art exhibition amongst local Philadlephia artists in 2016. It was curated under The Dark Arts Collective in Philadelphia. These three pieces represent the powers of nature's image and it's effects on us, both physically and mentally. They each depict different forms, and the energies that emanate from them in both life and in death.


The world contains tinier and larger worlds within itself. This depicts how a mushroom may look to some living things. Much as we marvel at redwoods or mountains and skyscrapers, these Fungi stand tall among an organism we don't see unless we really try to. However, it is all relative in the cosmic connection we share.


It's amazing how some creatures can look so beautiful and yet be so harmful if disturbed. This Black Widow Spider is considered the most venomous spider in North America. Though bites are rarely fatal for humans, it is both poisonous and venomous to other animals. It can kill a creature as large as a horse with it's bite! It's important to never underestimate nature by it's beauty; much like a rose and it's thorns.


We find our connective energy dispersed in death as much as it flows through us in life. These rat skulls depict the oneness we share as beings, and the emittance of power we once held in our vessels.