DECAY IS A WOMB was a series of scratch board pieces created as a result of my increasingly growing fascination of fungus, mainly parasitic, and even more specifically, of the Ophiocordyceps variety. It was personally first conceived as a lyrical theme for a possible music project in early 2017 and came together for a special exhibition at a local coffee shop/ art gallery called Grindcore House in 2018.


Decay Is A Womb is a close up and grotesque, yet suggestive look at what some of nature might look like after being compromised by it's magic and alien-like fungal inhabitants. The concept of zombifying and hostile parasitic fungi for the living is not my original idea, nor is it just science fiction from a Video Game Franchise called "The Last Of Us". No. It's a real genus of Fungi and there are many different species that target specific insects. Upon research of this fascinating phenomena, the images I came across simply drew me closer to this strange and horrific concept. It's as if time had frozen for it's victims in some sort of beautiful post-apocalyptic nightmare.


If you aren't familiar with the process of Ophiocordyceps the links after the art! Thanks.


Emanating Death_NEWest.jpg



Fungal Bat_gold.jpg

Illumination OF THE CYCLE