Hi! If you like what you've seen and you'd like me to work for you in some capacity, I'm happy to do so!  

Here's the deal!

Upon receiving an inquiry via email, I'll ask you a series of questions. This is where you can tell me anything and everything regarding your piece. This is where we establish a deadline and pricing. It saves a lot of hassle for both of us!

After we have established the specifics and price of the job, I will invoice you for a 50 % non-refundable deposit to start work on your project! 

SIDE NOTE: I always make sure to keep solid communication with clients if I feel a project will take longer than discussed in these steps below. I'm happy to send progress shots anytime during this process!

Now I can start!

Within a week's time from payment, I will have quick thumbnails and/or a simple digital mock of your design sent to you. I'll share thoughts and references as well.

After the approval of the direction I'm taking, I will begin a final sketch! Here's where your design starts to really take form. Within a week's time from here, it will be sent for final approval. 

SIDE NOTE 2: If there are corrections to be made in the sketch, no problem! I am happy to do a maximum of 2 revisions of the piece, no charge to you. I want to get it looking right! If a third round is needed, a new price will be established and I'll get right back to work! If for some reason, after a third round, You aren't happy with it, I'm sorry it isn't to your liking! You will not be expected to pay anything further and I hope you find someone who can satisfy your needs!

It looks great, You Say?

Excellent. I'll Ink it or Scratch it up to a finish! During this time, I will take photos

of progress and take screenshots of the scanned/digitized piece for you to see!

I will then review with you the digital services you agreed to,  and you can choose additional services if you'd like!

After we confirm with any or no added services, an invoice will be sent for the difference of our agreed total price with a breakdown of time spent on each part of the process.


Once payment is received, I will send you all of the finished files via gmail or a shared folder in google drive within 24hrs! 

After that, all I ask is that you please share on Social Media, credit and tag me @FTG.ILLUS!